A Warm Welcome Back

    Welcome back to Customer Angry's freshly redesigned website and we know that you'll find it pleasing and easier to navigate once all the pages are uploaded. The new design was prompted due to the website being a little incompatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer. So, after a big effort we're delivering a website that is compatible with all well-known browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera and the list goes on.

    Next service 12 months - Ipad and Smartphones.

Why The Website?

Well a year on and the reasons for starting the website have not changed. Whilst we wear our keyboards on our sleeves means that the website allows us to share our thoughts, display documents, invoices, photographs and such like material for information into the general domain with the minimum of hassle. Of course, there are costs involved and when you start expanding the functionality then the costs head north. That nicely mixes with all the Volvo V70 repair costs incurred and it is right to state that an extra chunk of sterling here or there is not going to make much difference to the suppressed bank balance.

The lesson learnt here is that if you truly believe that you want to get your points across then it’s not impossible. Of course we’ve arrived at that point through sheer determination, hard work and not forgetting the small matter of the financial outlay to build the website and solicitors costs. Hope you enjoy reading as much as we have putting it all together.

Happy Motoring!


champagne bottleMany experts mention that the first 12 months after conception are the most arduously difficult and we agree with them. So, 12 months on we are still alive and kicking despite some deep pot holes we hit along the way we live for another day celebrating our Paper Anniversary.


We’ll say it until we are blue (red actually) in the face that we did not purchase the Volvo V70 from Marshall Motor Group. We start with how life kicked-off started for the Volvo V70 in 2008 under our helm [Read More]

Letters In & Out

In this section of the website we've laid out all the important bits of the letters (and email) that we have received from Marshall Motor Group, their solicitors Greenwoods in Peterborough, report from an independent vehicle engineer who is a member of the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors and [Read More]


We've put together our collection of invoices, etc. from Marshall Volvo in Peterborough, part of the Marshall Motor Group. These will show the repair history of the Volvo V70 in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. [Read More]


In the gallery you'll gaze through lots of beautiful photographs of the Volvo V70 and all it innards that are captured in glorious colour for all to see and share. [Read More]


Just got billed £700 or so and still don't know the difference between the CEM and the REM? It's all going to be here in the alphabetically arranged reference list which gives a brief description and a photo of parts on the Swedish Brick Volvo V70. [Read More]

Code Of Conduct

  • There is no intention to cause any harm to any reputations. Never was or has been.
  • This website does not display adverts, takes no inducements, mentions no profanity and does not lean against any particular motoring complaint ideology.
  • We work tirelessly to avoid mistakes, though in the event any being identified, we will be more than happy to make corrections and issue a sincere apology on this website.

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